Our sharpest 3D™ mammography images, produced faster1,2

Combining Clarity HD™ high-resolution 3D™ imaging with 3DQuorum™ Imaging Technology

Fastest, Highest Resolution 3D™ Images1,2

Producing high resolution tomosynthesis images normally means slower read times, but by combining Clarity HD™ high-resolution 3D™ imaging with 3DQuorum™ Imaging Technology you can unleash the power of the fastest and highest resolution 3D™ images in the industry.1,2* Powered by Genius AI™, it can help reduce reading time by an hour each day.2

Get a head start on identifying invasive breast cancer

Reveal the finest details with the fastest, highest resolution 3D™ mammography images available. Designed to help you detect more invasive cancers with confidence, our advanced detector and innovative 3D™ mammography imaging algorithms deliver exceptional images – regardless of breast size or density.

Get a head start on identifying invasive breast cancer

Diagnose your most challenging patients with greater certainty

Quite often women with dense breasts can receive reduced image quality, making their cancers harder to detect. With the Clarity HD™ high-resolution 3D™ imaging's breakthrough detector and with 3DQuorum™ Imaging Technology you will be able to deliver exceptional 3D™ images – no matter your patient’s breast thickness or density.

Create high-resolution 70 micron 3D images for any breast thickness3

Detects up to 65% more invasive breast cancers compared to 2D mammography

Up to 40% reduction in recalls compared to 2D

The only FDA approved 3D™ mammogram that is superior for women with dense breasts compared to 2D alone4,8

Produce sharper, less noisy images for improved visualization of fine calcifications

Take advantage of higher contrast images, skin-line improvements, and minimal artifacts

3DQuorum™ technology utilises Genius AI™-powered software to provide accurate and timely diagnosis, while reducing read times

Future Proofing Our leading 3D-upgradeable platform helping customers shape the future breast health environment

Clarity HD™ high-resolution 3D™ imaging is standard with all 3Dimensions™ 3D systems, and is available as an optional upgrade for existing Selenia® Dimensions® systems. The Clarity HD™ high-resolution 3D™ imaging is a prerequisite for Intelligent 2D™ and 3DQuorum™ imaging technologies.

*Compared to Hologic® standard 3D™ imaging

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