More details at a lower dose

Intelligent 2D™ imaging technology powered by AI

Low-dose, high-resolution 3D™ exams

Patient safety is a top priority, but so is the need for accuracy. This is why with Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered Intelligent 2D™ imaging technology, you and the women under your care receive the best of both worlds. AI powered Intelligent 2D™ retains more features of interest from the Hologic® 3D Mammography™ exam data than ever before, creating a comprehensive, natural-looking synthesised 2D image. So you are able to make fast, confident decisions without compromising on accuracy or dose.

Improve clinical performance, improve patient comfort1,2,3

Clarity, contrast, and detail
Clarity, contrast, and detail
Combine Clarity HD™ high-resolution 3D Mammography™ exam images and Intelligent 2D™ generated 2D images for market-leading clarity, contrast, and detail. Accelerate lesion detection with confidence.
Sharp resolution
Sharp resolution
Generate sharp images at 70µ resolution with enhanced background and localised density appearance to enable FFDM-like representation of parenchymal tissue – with three contrast pre-set options.
AI future-proofed
AI future-proofed
Generate a new 2D image using advanced machine-learning algorithms from high-resolution 3D™ data to produce a robust, natural-looking image.
Save valuable time
Save valuable time
Smart mapping* enables radiologists to instantly move from suspicious areas detected on the 2D image to the point of interest on the 3D™ slice when used with the SecurView® Workstation saving valuable read time.
Improve patient comfort
Improve patient comfort
3.7-second scans reduce compression time to minimise motion and improve patient comfort.1,2

Intelligent 2D™ imaging technology is an option with Hologic® 3D Mammography™ exams, and its synthesised 2D images are always read together with the Clarity HD™ high-resolution tomosynthesis images. As with any imaging enhancements, planning, socialisation and training are essential. Refer to product data sheet for additional technical product information. Click here

Make fast and confident decisions

  • Generate finely detailed 2D images from the Hologic® 3D Mammography™ exam data and enhance your image review for greater diagnostic confidence
  • Accelerate lesion detection and assessment of microcalcifications, as well as spiculated, round and soft lesions4
  • Expedite 3D™ exam read times with Intelligent 2D™ imaging technology’s built-in smart mapping capability*
  • The only 3D™ mammogram that has been clinically proven, in multiple studies, to detect significantly more invasive breast cancers5 with a lower dose solution

*Feature is used in combination with SecurView® DX diagnostic review workstation Focus tool in v9.0.1 and above.

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