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Time is precious when it comes to effective screening, detection and diagnosis of breast cancer.

Our pioneering integrated technologies are designed to help you deliver maximum clinical confidence and workflow efficiency across the patient pathway.

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Achieving optimal workflow efficiency across the Breast Health Continuum of Care

Time is precious when it comes to effective detection, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

We strive to save you time at every step along the Breast Health Continuum of Care ensuring more women have more time in better health.

Our pioneering integrated technologies are designed to help you deliver maximum clinical confidence and workflow efficiency across the patient pathway. Harnessing innovative technologies to advance earlier diagnosis and support a compassionate, minimally invasive approach to patient care.

Our technology is powered by 30 years of Hologic’s breast health expertise in delivering smart solutions to complex diagnostic and treatment needs.

We are driven to deliver better outcomes for women giving them more time in better health, from screening all the way to treatment and monitoring – explore how


Pioneering technology that supports best-in-class detection and diagnostics delivered with speed and accuracy

Breast Surgery & Treatment

Solutions that add precision to localization and marking, excision and filling, and specimen radiography


Optimal imaging for large or thin sliced specimens and magnification that can locate the smallest calcifications

Metabolic Health

Close monitoring and assessment of bone health and body composition enriches quality of care pre- and post-treatment
Radiology Screening
Breast Surgery Localize
SLN Biopsy*
Filling and Marking**
Pathology Specimen Evaluation
Monitoring Bone Health
Artificial intelligence
Breast Screening

With 3Dimensions™ Mammography system you have access to the industry’s fastest, highest resolution and most accurate 3D Mammography system ever, that is designed to improve patient comfort. By utilising Genius AI™ technology, 3Dimensions™ can help you improve detection of breast cancers and reduce call backs.1-7

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Analytics, Detection and Diagnosis

Through innovative AI algorithms we offer breast diagnostic and analytics solutions to help improve detection rates, including I-View™ 2.0 Contrast Imaging, Quantra™ 2.2 Breast Density Assessment and ImageChecker® CAD Technology. Our Supersonic MACH Ultrasound Series leverages UltraFast™ Imaging Technology, with the option of adding additional modes like ShearWave™ PLUS, TriVu, and Needle PLUS, to enhance overall diagnostic accuracy. And because such powerful solutions require integrated, streamlined and breast-specific workflows, we provide SecurView® and SecurXchange® too.

Discover our intergrated screening porfolio Discover Supersonic Ultrasound
Breast Biopsy

Our Affirm® Upright and Affirm® Prone Breast Biopsy Systems, together with the Brevera® Breast Biopsy System deliver a compassionate patient experience, reduce time under compression and help clinicians deliver the best outcomes possible.

See all of our breast biopsy solutions
Localize in Breast Surgery

LOCalizer is a revolutionary way to guide breast surgeries easily and precisely. No radioactivity, no surgical wires. The LOCalizer system is designed to be implanted into the breast any time prior to surgery, so no more localization scheduling conflicts for your team.

Discover LOCalizer™
Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy*

The TruNode® system is a high performance, wireless gamma probe, commonly used for sentinel lymph node biopsy. It is designed to be more accurate and less invasive than the most common radio-guided surgical probes.

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Removal, Filling and Marking**

With BioZorb® 3D Bioabsorbale Marker, the future of tumor-site marking is taking shape-in 3D. It is designed to provide precise marking of the tumor excision site before its framework is absorbed into the body over several years, to yield excellent cosmetic outcomes

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Specimen Evaluation

The Faxitron® Specimen Radiography portfolio enables you to streamline your radiology, surgery and pathology workflow. The high-resolution quality images enable you to have immediate verification and make informed clinical decisions on biopsy and surgical specimens, right there on the spot.

Discover the Faxitron® Specimen Radiography portfolio
Monitoring Bone Health and Body Composition

Breast cancer and associated treatments have a high impact on patients. The Horizon® DXA system enables a close monitoring of Bone Mineral Density, assessments of vertebral fracture and fat/lean distribution, to enrich the quality of your diagnosis and the quality of your patient's life.

Discover the Horizon® DXA System

*TruNode® is available in selected markets only.
**BioZorb® is not CE marked. Not for sale. Not for distribution.


  • Risk Assessment
  • Screening & Diagnosis
  • Breast Biopsy

Breast Surgery And Treatment

  • Localisation & Marking
  • Excision & Filling
  • Specimen Radiography


  • Specimen Evaluation

Metabolic Health

  • Metabolic Health

Risk Assessment

Higher breast density is known to increase a woman’s risk for breast cancer 1. The need for accurate, unbiased analysis is therefore critical. Powered by machine learning, Quantra software analyses the breast tissue texture and pattern in both 2D and tomosynthesis images and categorises the breasts in four composition risk categories.


Screening & Diagnosis

Explore our clinically proven2, integrated breast imaging and diagnostic solutions that optimise your clinical pathway while enhancing a woman's breast imaging experience. We offer the highest quality of imaging that enables confident detection with mammography technologies and advanced ultrasound systems.

Screening & Diagnosis

Breast Biopsy

Our mission is to transform breast care with compassionate and effective solutions that maximise value, while minimising the negative impacts of interventional procedures. The best technologies should ease patient anxiety and help clinicians focus on what’s most important, providing the best possible care.

Breast Biopsy

Localisation & Marking

The LOCalizer wire-free guidance system is designed to provide precision guidance for breast surgeons. Non-palpable breast lesions can be easily located using a miniature radiofrequency identification (RFID) Tag. Tag placement can be done >30 days prior to surgery.

Localisation & Marking

Excision & Filling

BioZorb® is a three-dimensional (3D) implantable marker that consists of a spiral, bioabsorbable framework embedded with 6 permanent, titanium clips. These mark precisely your surgical excision site for possible targeted radiation treatment or imaging under X-Ray (CT, mammography), MRI and ultrasound.

Excision & Filling

Specimen Radiography

Have the markers been captured? Are the margins clear? And are targeted calcifications visible? Now you can have highly detailed imaging for rapid verification in the OR procedure room. The Faxitron® Trident® HD system’s sleek, modern and ergonomic design has a small footprint, and is easily maneuverable from room to room. Its imaging area is large enough to accommodate a large range of sample sizes.

Specimen Radiography

Specimen Evaluation

The Faxitron® Path Specimen Radiography System provides optimal imaging for large or thin sliced specimens, resulting in fewer re-cuts. The Faxitron Path system provides up to 6X (or 10X with Faxitron Path+ System) geometric magnification, which can locate the smallest calcifications in tissue samples to ensure accurate diagnoses.

Specimen Radiography

Metabolic Health

Breast cancer and associated treatments have a high impact on patients. The Horizon® DXA system enables a close monitoring of bone mineral density and assessments of vertebral fracture and fat/lean distribution, thereby enriching the quality of your diagnosis during and after cancer treatment.

Metabolic Health

Unlock the Advantage of time – across the entire Breast Health Continuum of Care

  1. Rafferty EA, Durand MA, Conant EF, et al. Breast Cancer Screening Using Tomosynthesis and Digital Mammography in Dense and Non-dense Breasts. JAMA. 2016 Apr 26;315(16):1784-6.
  2. EUREF Type Test Results - EUREF | European Reference Organisation for Quality Assured Breast Screening and Diagnostic Services
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