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Hologic Chosen Twice as Company of the Year

Hologic Chosen Twice as Company of the Year

The editors and readers of Medical Device + Diagnostic Industry (MD+DI) have both named Hologic as Company of the Year for our pandemic-resistant performance and industry-leading position in women’s health. That’s two years’ running for the readers’ award and two awards in one year for 2021.

Established more than four decades ago, MD+DI provides two opportunities annually for a business to be named Company of the Year, through selection by its editorial team and through a poll of MD+DI readers.

The Readers’ Choice 2021

In awarding the MD+DI Readers’ Choice for Medtech Company of the Year 2021, readers were effusive in their admiration of Hologic across a range of accomplishments and it was pleasing to note that their feedback and observations aligned perfectly with Hologic’s goals and beliefs.

At its core, Hologic strives to save time at every step along the Breast Health Continuum of Care ensuring more women have more time in better health.

MD+DI said its readers praised Hologic’s exceptional contributions to women’s health, including the unprecedented Hologic Global Women’s Health Index. “Their mission to impact women’s health is unsurpassed by any other company” one voter wrote. Another reader described Hologic as “a driver in early detection and treatment options for women all over the world”.

The Readers’ Choice: Two Years in a Row

The 2021 accolade clearly cemented Hologic’s place in MD+DI readers’ hearts and minds, given that they had previously voted the company MD+DI Readers' Choice for Medtech Company of the Year 2020.

That had been based largely on Hologic's impressive performance and swift response to emerging medical needs during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic. And again, the feedback from the readers was music to Hologic’s ears, chiming perfectly with the company’s focus.

Hologic believes that time is precious, and one reader put this clearly into context for the challenges of 2020, saying: “This organization mobilized to produce a SARS-COVID-19 test at levels of speed and accuracy way beyond anything we’ve seen in this industry before”.

Furthermore, Hologic’s pioneering integrated technologies are designed to help deliver maximum clinical confidence and workflow efficiency across the patient pathway. Harnessing innovative technologies to advance earlier diagnosis and support a compassionate, minimally invasive approach to patient care. This was recognized and applauded by two particular quotes from the survey respondents:

  • “With all the new advance[d] [gynecology] equipment and upscale devices this is the best company to vote for”
  • The “breast health continuum of care led by introduction of 3D Quorum, which creates efficiency in radiologist reading”

Finally, Hologic is proud that its technology is powered by 30 years of breast health expertise in delivering smart solutions to complex diagnostic and treatment needs. That expertise runs through the whole company and was highlighted by one reader with these words: “The focus, their driven nature, their patient first outlook, their human feel. You're dealing with professionals whenever you deal with Hologic and their products are gold standard and best in class”.

“I voted for this company due to their dedication to improving both women's health during COVID-19 and switching gears to produce COVID-19 testing to help with the worldwide pandemic”

The Editors’ Choice

Shortly before the 2021 Readers’ choice was announced, the editorial team named Hologic as MD+DI Editors' Choice for Medtech Company of the Year. Little did they know that history would be made by Hologic becoming the first company in recent history to win both the Readers’ and Editors’ Choice in the same year!

The MD+DI editorial team highlighted Hologic’s increasing diversification as a strength that allows the company to play two leading roles globally: helping societies manage COVID-19 with trusted testing for the SARS-CoV-2 virus while helping reinvigorate routine screenings that enable early detection and treatment of breast and cervical cancers, sexually transmitted infections, uterine fibroids and other conditions. The editors also noted that all three Hologic divisions have recently broadened their product portfolios with acquisitions – a key factor in the MD+DI editorial team’s evaluation process.

Onward and Upward

Hologic is delighted to have been recognized by thought leaders in the medical device and diagnostic industry. We will maintain our focus on delivering innovation with impact across all our business areas throughout 2022 and beyond. Watch this space.

“Hologic continues to gain momentum across the entire spectrum of our business, and we are poised to make an even bigger difference in the days ahead – for women and all those who depend on them,” said Hologic Chairman, President and CEO Steve MacMillan. “We appreciate the editors and readers of MD+DI for validating the talent and dedication of Hologic’s purpose-driven staff”.


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