The Fastest, Highest Resolution Breast Tomosynthesis System, Ever1

The Hologic 3Dimensions™ Mammography System

Reinventing breast tomosynthesis with the Hologic 3DimensionsMammography System. Delivering the fastest, highest resolution 3D™ images,1 a mammogram that is clinically proven to be more comfortable,2 and an enhanced workflow.

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Detection accelerated

3DQuorum™ SmartSlices in combination with Clarity HD™ and Intelligent 2D™ imaging, providing you with the ultimate breast tomosynthesis technology.

Our highest resolution 3D™ Imaging, faster.

#Detection Accelerated

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Sharper. Smarter. Simpler.

3Dimensions™, the latest mammography system from Hologic, features breakthrough improvements designed to transform the patient experience without compromising on speed, dose or accuracy.

  • Sharper images and smarter technologies continue to make it simple to find invasive cancers – regardless of age or breast density.3-6,8,9

  • Only the Hologic 3D Mammography™ exam has been proven to detect up to 65% more invasive cancer than 2D alone.3

  • The Hologic 3D Mammography™ exam is the only mammogram proven to be superior in women with dense breasts.3,9

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Fastest, Highest Resolution 3D™ Images1

Unleash the power of the industry’s fastest and highest resolution 3D™ images.1 Offering the same pixel size as FFDM (70 microns), Clarity™ HD high-resolution tomosynthesis technology detects more invasive cancers with confidence.

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Low Dose and Natural Looking Images – Without Compromising on Accuracy12

Intelligent 2D™ imaging technology enables low dose 3D™ exams by creating a comprehensive, more natural-looking synthesised 2D image from a high-resolution image set — eliminating the need for an additional FFDM exposure.

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A More Comfortable Mammography Experience

Change the way women experience breast imaging with the groundbreaking SmartCurve™ breast stabilisation system. Designed to provide a personalised mammography experience for women proven to be more comfortable2 without compromising on image quality, exam time, dose, or workflow.

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Standardised Breast Density Assessments Based on Machine Learning

Women with dense breasts have a higher risk of breast cancer because dense tissue can obscure potential lesions on a conventional mammogram. The next-generation Quantra™ breast density assessment software enables fast, consistent breast density assessment across your entire patient population.

Download the breast density white paper here.

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