Turn the invisible into the visible

The 3Dimensions™ and Selenia® Dimensions® Mammography Systems with I-View™ 2.0

Detect cancers often not visible on standard mammograms

Contrast Enhanced Mammography (CEM), the imaging of a contrast agent using mammographic equipment, can help enhance suspicious lesions on medical images. With the I-View™ 2.0 software you can combine the power of CEM with 2D and tomosynthesis images all in one compression to provide anatomical and functional imaging all in one exam.1

Using CEM compares favourably with breast MRI, offering similar sensitivity but with higher specificity, and so higher PPV,2,3 making it a viable, cost-effective diagnostic imaging alternative.4

Detect cancers often not visible on standard mammograms

Sensitive, high specificity, cost-effective diagnostic imagery

Accelerate your reading time with comprehensive imaging using co-registered functional and morphological information

Increase your diagnostic confidence with high sensitivity and specificity to help guide the clinical pathway from diagnosis to surgical management

Avoid a second contrast injection by using the co-registered CEM to guide Tomo biopsy with Affirm® Breast Biopsy System

More diagnostic information, one seamless workflow

I-View™ 2.0 CEM imaging is a simple upgrade to any Selenia® Dimensions® and 3Dimensions™ system, giving breast imaging practices an efficient pathway to expanded diagnostic capabilities.

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I-View™ 2.0 requires Selenia® Dimensions® or 3Dimensions™ with 1.10/2.1 software or higher, plus a diagnostic license.

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