A flexible, compatible detection solution1,2

ImageChecker® 2D CAD Technology

A computer-aided detection (CAD) solution for multiple 2D mammography datasets

In a constantly changing clinical mammography environment, the flexibility and compatibility of ImageChecker® 2D CAD Technology means it provides detection for both conventional 2D images, as well as C-View™ and Intelligent 2D™ synthesised images derived from a tomosynthesis dataset.

Now available on the 3Dimensions™ and Dimensions® systems’ AWS*, ImageChecker® 2D CAD Technology allows you to review images at the point of care and eliminates the need for a separate server.

A computer-aided detection (CAD) solution for multiple 2D mammography datasets

Achieve highly sensitive results as you search for breast cancer

ImageChecker® 2D CAD Technology searches digital mammograms for potential microcalcifications and masses—characteristics commonly associated with breast cancer.

  • Regions-of-interest are highlighted for the radiologist’s attention
  • Delivers highly sensitive results without excessive false-positive marks, streamlining case review
  • Easy navigation to the slice of interest in the tomosynthesis stack, when used in combination with Smart Mapping on synthesized 2D images

Advanced, flexible and cost effective

Incorporates advanced technology

The ImageChecker® 2D CAD advanced anatomic correlation technology analyses corresponding findings in the contralateral breast and different views of the same breast.

Flexible solutions

Your site can select up to 3 sensitivity settings, or operating points, depending on which are most suitable for the practice’s needs. A region will be marked only if the ranking falls above a chosen operating point.

Cost effective architecture

ImageChecker® 2D CAD software can be licensed directly on the Dimensions Acquisition Workstation, without the need for a dedicated Cenova™ server, simplifying the configuration and reducing security concerns. DICOM compatible results can be sent directly to the radiologist workstation or PACS upon completion of the exam.

Features included as part of ImageChecker® 2D CAD Technology

These features can be viewed on a Hologic® workstation and are included in the ImageChecker® CAD (Citra® Core) license group.

RightOn™ CAD Marks

Assorted “shaped” markers indicate the types of features that were detected


Markers that are scaled according to the prominence of features


Markers that provide anatomic outlines of tissue

*ImageChecker® 2D CAD Technology operates on the 3Dimensions™ or Dimensions® AWS systems with software version 2.1/1.10.

  1. Data on File: CSR-00116
  2. Hologic® data on file, 2017
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