Streamline your digital mammography workflow

SecurXchange® Router

Minimise your network burden

The transmission of DICOM objects can create bottlenecks and delay diagnosis. Complex, multi-modal environments demand sophisticated image routing tools.

The SecurXchange® Router helps manage image distribution efficiently and minimise the burden on your networks, which is particularly critical with the Hologic® 3D Mammography™ system and the introduction of Clarity HD™ high-resolution 3D™ imaging.

The SecurXchange® Router allows you to:

  • Pre-fetch DICOM images or other objects from long-term storage
  • Post-fetch DICOM images on demand
  • Route DICOM objects to configured destinations according to advanced routing rules

Minimise your network burden

SecurXchange® Router - Versatile image routing

Obtain prior images anytime, anywhere

Radiologists need access to prior mammography images for interpretation. The SecurXchange® Router allows for highly configurable pre-fetching and routing of images. Post-fetching may be configured to allow prior studies to be retrieved on demand.

Configure your routing for optimal workflow

The SecurXchange® Router can be configured for multiple functions. It can pre-fetch from multiple archives and route those images to several locations, allowing customised flow of images according to a facility’s individual needs. SecurXchange® Router can route DICOM objects to any configured destination based on the content of DICOM attributes.

Add additional features for advanced workflow and visualisation

The SecurXchange® Router can be combined with additional features to improve your workflow and allow for more advanced visualisation of images.

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