Scalable image archiving solutions, designed to grow with your practice

SecurXchange® Vendor Neutral Archive

Choose the IT solution specifically designed for breast imaging

For practices without access to a Picture Archiving and Communication system (PACS), or which need a local archiving system, SecurXchange® Archive provides an efficient approach to handling the unique archiving requirements of digital mammography and multi-modality image data.

Choose the IT solution specifically designed for breast imaging

SecurXchange® Archive – Image archiving that grows with your needs

Together with Hologic® 3D Mammography™ systems and Clarity HD™ high-resolution 3D™ imaging technology, SecurXchange® Archive provides you with a total solution for your imaging and archiving needs.

Scale your storage capacity

Choose a storage capacity that suits your practice now, and add storage as your practice grows

Maintain annotations and markings

Store and retrieve physician annotations, as well as computer-aided detection (CAD) markings

Disaster recovery

Replicates the stored data onto a secondary server; expansion units with multiple storage capacities can be added

All SecurXchange® Archive configurations include a 3DView™ mammography viewer single user license. 3DView™ is a web-based viewer that supports non-diagnostic viewing of 2D and 3D™ and BTO mammography images from any configured computer.

A consultation with a Hologic® technical sales specialist to discuss the SecurXchange® product capabilities is recommended.

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