Advancing the Breast Continuum of Care

We are committed to advancing the Breast Continuum of Care, ensuring that every solution, from screening to monitoring, supports excellence in disease management all along the patient pathway.

Our collaboration with clinicians, scientists, engineers and technologists, combined with our clinically proven innovations, enables us to improve the lives of the women we serve.
It is a partnership that can drive extraordinary outcomes.

Innovation in breast health is part of our DNA, from 3D imaging to artificial intelligence. Genius AI™, our core artificial intelligence technology will future proof systems across the Breast Continuum of Care. From personalised screenings for better patient outcomes to driving operational efficiency, Hologic’s comprehensive suite of products is designed to meet the unmet and changing needs of patients and clinicians.

Discover how we are defining the future of women’s health.

Hologic’s Breast Continuum of Care

Hologic’s Breast Continuum of Care

Clinically proven, integrated solutions across the entire breast health continuum of care, with the goal of making early-stage breast cancer a more survivable disease.

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Integrated Screening Portfolio

Integrated Screening Portfolio

A future-proofed integrated portfolio of Breast Imaging Solutions. Improving early detection and diagnostic accuracy, while enhancing a woman’s mammography experience.

Learn more about our integrated breast imaging solutions
Breast Surgery Portfolio

Breast Surgery Portfolio

An advanced portfolio for breast conserving surgery, dedicated to getting your patients back to their lives sooner.

Learn more about our breast surgery solutions
DXA Solutions

DXA Solutions

Improves patient care during and after cancer therapy.

Learn more about our DXA solutions
Ultrasound Imaging

Ultrasound Imaging

Complement technology to mammography to improve diagnosis in breast cancer.

Learn more about our innovations in ultrasound imaging
Interventional Breast Portfolio

Interventional Breast Portfolio

A breakthrough in breast biopsy efficiency.

Learn more about our breast biopsy solutions

Hologic Medical Education

Improve patient care through excellence in education, communication of clinical and scientific evidence, and partnerships with the healthcare community.

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