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At Hologic, enhancing early detection, improving diagnostic accuracy and delivering compassionate technologies continually drive the development of our imaging solutions. Every day, we strive to make advances toward greater certainty for our customers by providing them with cutting-edge technology that makes a real difference. We call it the Science of Sure, and we are passionate and resolute in our purpose. When you partner with Hologic, it means proof—not promises—and an unmatched commitment every step of the way. Learn more about additional technologies in our imaging portfolio from the leader in breast imaging.

Dimensions® Product Family

Simplify biopsy procedures with the Affirm® Upright Breast Biopsy System

Learn more about Affirm® Upright Breast Biopsy System

Enhance productivity with the right tools

Learn more about the SecurView Breast Imaging Workstation

The integrated solution for breast analysis – CAD tools for 2D, 3D™, C-View™ & Intelligent 2D™ Images

Learn more about Image Analytics Software

Additional Imaging Technologies Available from Hologic

Diagnose breast cancer with confidence with the Selenia® Dimensions® Mammography System

Learn More about the Selenia® Dimensions® 2D/3D™ Mammography System

Reveal more with low-dose, highly accurate 3D Mammography™ exams

Learn more about C-View™ Software